Regional Hospitals Join Northwest Hospital Alliance

On Friday, September 27, three new hospitals joined the Northwest Hospital Alliance. Syringa Hospital and Clinics in Grangeville, Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics in Orofino, and St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics in Cottonwood, are the newest members of the Alliance.

Lenne Bonner CEO, St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals and Clinics

Abner King CEO, Syringa Hospital and Clinics

“For the past 28 years we have built relationships and a mutual trust between the five Northern hospitals. We have improved the health in our individual communities by working together,” said Sheryl Rickard, CEO of Bonner General Health in Sandpoint. “As the new board chairperson, I am excited to welcome three new hospital members to the Hospital Alliance. We recognize the importance of strong, respectful relationships with the hospitals in our area and expanding that to three additional hospitals is exciting. All of us recognize the wisdom of partnering with other hospitals to improve quality of care and reduce health care costs in Idaho. We believe that we are stronger together.”

The Northwest Hospital Alliance serves as a collaborative network to assist our members in offering high quality, cost effective health care in our communities.

The cornerstone of the network relationship is the preservation of community hospital sustainability and economic strength. Each member hospital maintains its organizational structure and the identity and image that has made it visible in the local community. Each member is represented on the board.

“We like each other, and know how important it is to the people living in our region for us to work together in the delivery of health care,” said Jon Ness, CEO of Kootenai Health.

With the additional three members, the Northwest Hospital Alliance now includes eight hospitals, with room to grow in the future. Our network of hospitals is devoted to improving the health status of our communities by providing a collaborative approach to regional health care delivery and preserving the economic strength of local providers.

Health care in rural communities is an absolutely essential component of quality of life for rural residents.