Peer Groups

Professional Peer to Peer Networking

The Northwest Hospital Alliance facilitates collaborative Peer Groups that meet on a regular basis. The groups discuss topical issues, exchange ideas, and implement special projects. These groups work to enhance value, improve quality and share best practices to improve performance both individually and collectively. By working together, we can achieve significant administrative, operational and clinical efficiencies that would not otherwise be possible for the members acting on their own.

By developing solutions in unison, the members aim to improve the quality of patient care, improve the health of the rural population, and reduce per capita costs of health care services. Most of the groups meet on a quarterly basis, typically for 2 to 4 hours per meeting.

Current Peer Groups include:





Emergency Department

Currently meeting with regional Time Sensitive Emergency Committee.

Emergency Preparedness


Human Resources

Infection Prevention

Information Systems


2019 Meeting Dates:

  • January 23
  • April 24
  • July 24
  • October 23

Nurse Leaders

Performance Improvement


2019 Meeting Dates

  • April 10,2019

Purchasing and Materials Management 


Surgical Services